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Racechip One

  •  RaceChip One - the entry level model


    RC One


    The RaceChip® is our Chiptuning starting model. Significantly increased performance at a price which allows convenient testing on how much more driving pleasure Chiptuning offers. But be careful: We are pretty sure that even the starting model is addictive to Chiptuning.


    The advantages of RaceChip One® at a glance:

    up to 25% more power up to 20% more torque up to 1 l / 100km less consumption
      ST62 microprocessor   Performance improvement can be adjusted individually
      Secure connection via Sub-D   Aluminum housing
      Easy DIY installation without specialized knowledge   Available for over 4000 vehicles






    Excellent performance, invisible nano coating

    The high performance processor STM8 of the company ST Microelectronics is an 8-bit low power microcontroller with a large memory and high bit density. Well-trained like the heart of a professional athlete, it provides an increase of performance of up to 30 % with a 24 MHz clocking. An invisible nano coating protects the boards reliably against any kind of dirt and the penetration of humidity.


    Performance increase individually adjustable

    We deliver your RaceChip® Pro2 with a basic setting optimized for your vehicle type. You can adjust your RaceChip® Pro2 individually to your requirements. Easily, fast and without tools.The increases in performance (up to 30 %) and torque (up to 20 %) as well as the fuel saving (up to  1l/100 km) are generally achievable maximum values. They can vary – depending on the vehicle. You get information on the determined maximum values for your vehicle after selecting your vehicle.


    Fuel saving with Eco-Tuning

    Depending on your personal road behaviour you can save fuel by installing the RaceChip®Pro2. Up to 1 litre per 100 kilometres. And with an increase of performance at the same time. If fuel saving is your main requirement, please inform us when placing the order. We will consider this during the basic setting.