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Response Control

  • Response Control


  • You always wanted to tune the response of your vehicle to your individual needs and were not satisfied with the manufacturer's setting?

    Our team has developed a customized solution for you: Race chip ReponseControl.

    Our specially developed control unit is connected directly to the sensor of your electronic accelerator pedal. This will give you 6 specially tuned settings for the response of your vehicle.

    With our 4 Sport steps you can reduce the response time of your accelerator pedal gradually up to the response of a thoroughbred sports car and ideal for absolute driving pleasure on winding country roads. Our 2 Eco-levels provide a better coordination of the response of your accelerator pedal, for example, consumption efficiently as possible to get through the city traffic.

  • With just a push of a button, your vehicle can also at any time simply put back into the original condition. But once you have identified your first personal favorite speed levels of response control, you will not need this button.

    Response Control changed the power and torque of your vehicle does not, but rather allows you direct, and so, retrieve that power without delay. Pulling and acceleration from a standstill feel in the 4 Sport stages much more dynamic and in the 2 Eco-levels comfortable at.

    In combination with our chip tuning modules, you can retrieve the resulting extra power without delay. Of course, Response Control also works independently, ie. Excluding Race Chip Chip Tuning But with both in combination your driving experience is enhanced even more.

    • Optimised response
    • First module with 2 Eco Steps to reduce consumption
    • For all motor and gear types
    • Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation
    • 6 individualised settings
    • Ideal in combination with Racechip Chip Tuning
    • No TUV registration required
    • High quality housing and cable
  • Functioning Race chip Response Control

    The response control control unit is connected directly to the sensor of the electronic accelerator pedal of your vehicle. Thus, the transmitted when operating your gas pedal to the engine control your vehicle signals can be captured and optimized depending on the selected setting. For this optimization Race chip has developed a special software, which will be tailored to your vehicle. So we can also in response control guarantees the technological sophistication and quality that our customers have already for years in our chip tuning models.

    Over the six program steps on the user interface, you can adjust the feel of your car individually. Response Control is turned off, your car is back in stock condition.

    About the interactive control on the left side you can test the 6 levels of response control right here and let the respective effect on the responsiveness of your vehicle in the box to the right page:

  • FAQ

  • Does the use of the Response Control require registration?

  • With Response Control you increase the dynamics of your vehicle noticeable or allow an additional fuel-saving potential, and all without having to make right to alter the performance of your vehicle or structural modifications (Response Control can be easily installed in just few steps directly on the gas pedal sensor). This response control is completely street legal and can be used immediately after installation.
  • Is the warranty of my vehicle impaired by the use?

  • The warranty on your vehicle remains unaffected by the installation.
  • Can I do the installation?

  • Race chip Response Control installation works on the plug & play principle by Race Chip always pursued and can be done within a few minutes by you without any special tools or technical knowledge. For detailed information on installation, see the accompanying product, illustrated instruction or directly at the bottom of this page..
  • Does this affect my the insurance coverage?

  • Because it is not subject to registration changes to the vehicle remain unaffected your insurance from the installation of a response control. You do not have to tell the installation of the response control of your insurance.
  • What is the difference for chip tuning?

  • While it is chip-tuning a modern and highly effective method to improve performance is optimized by the installation of response control not power, but the response of the vehicle. For this reason, response control is not mounted in the engine compartment of your vehicle, but directly on the gas pedal with the corresponding sensor. Mainly by the combination of a performance increase over one of our chip tuning models and the optimization of the response by Response Control can achieve great results. Your vehicle has a significant power and this is now more directly accessible for maximum dynamics and performance.
  • Does the Race chip Response Control shorten the life of the engine?

  • No. Response control only improves the responsiveness of your vehicle and intervenes in any way in the engine itself is a. The life of the motor is therefore not affected.
  • Is there a warranty on Race chip Response Control?

  • Yes, Response Control comes with a two-year product warranty. We develop and manufacture our products always under the highest quality standards.
  • Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation

    The incorporation of response control can be carried out within a few minutes by yourself without any special tools or technical knowledge.

    Please make sure before installation that the vehicle's ignition is turned off and wait 10 minutes before you begin the installation.