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Ultimate Connect

  • A global first from the world's leading innovator - performance boost via smartphone.

    RaceChip's latest innovation, the Ultimate Connect, allows users to adjust their car's optomised performance level via smartphone.

    The advantages of connecting the chip device to your smarthphone include:


    Using the RaceChip app

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    Performance Modes


    You can optomise the performance of your car via three performance modes that have been specifically fine tuned to your engine.




    The EFFICIENCY setting for smart driving: More power and more torque, with the greatest efficiency



    Do you have a quick leg coming up?

    The SPORT setting lets you to summon a significant power increase. Perfect for dynamic driving.




    Maximum performance with up to 30% more power. With the RACE setting, power delivery is optomised for maximum dynamism. Welcome to pole position. 


    Vehicle Profile


    Here you can see your vehicle-specific information and save images of your vehicle. Additionally, you can specify and manage multiple serial numbers here.



    1.   Add / Change vehicle photo

    The following options are available:

    smartphone gallery icons


    2.   Manage Serial numbers

    If you want to use your smartphone to control different RaceChip Ultimate Connect systems in several vehicles you can manage different serial numbers here. The following options are available:

    smartphone gallery icons
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