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Support Center

  • Pre-Sales Questions

    In our online library you can find answers on frequently asked questions which can arise before the purchase e.g. regarding sales conditions, TÜV (MOT) or insurance.

    When there’s no answer to your questions, please send us an email.

  • After-Sales Questions

    In case of problems during or after installation, please have a look here. Errors are often similar and here you can find helpful support.

  • Video Data Base

    In our Video Data Base you can find the virtual Installation Manuals for your vehicle type as well as the instructions for the manual Fine Tuning of your RaceChip®.

  • Does the RaceChip® harm my engine?

  • No, as our RaceChip® uses the performance reserves provided in the engine design.

    The RaceChip® will only be switched on when you really need the power (e.g. when you accelerate), the components like the engine, the coupling, the transmission and the brakes are only stressed in line with the technically feasible scope.All protection functions of the engine, like e.g. the emergency programmes aren’t switched off. An engine tuning should only be made – no matter which kind of tuning – when a regular maintenance e.g. toothed belt, oil change etc. is carried out.

  • Which is the lowest and highest mileage I can use the RaceChip® with?

  • You can use the RaceChip® independent from the mileage of your vehicle. Due to the protective digital technique you take no risk. Lots of car dealers install the RaceChip® in new cars from the first kilometre on. However, you should observe the break-in time recommended by the manufacturer.

    We also have customers who installed the RaceChip® at a mileage of more than 200,000 km. That’s no problem due to our digital technique!

  • Can I use the RaceChip® again when I exchange my vehicle?

  • Yes, when your new vehicle has got the same injection technique than your former one. However, it’s possible that you need a new wire harness or software. You can buy the wire harness you need in our shop and we are able to reprogram the RaceChip® for your new vehicle, if necessary.

    For additional information and questions regarding compatibility please contact our Technical Department:
    080 2323 242

  • Is a traceless set back possible?

  • After the removal of the RaceChip® its operation is not traceable and the vehicle is directly set back to its serial performance.

    Thus the RaceChip® is ideal for leasing, financing or company vehicles. We have optimized the complete vehicle fleet of some of our major clients. As the operation is not traceable after the removal, this is a decisive advantage.

  • Does a TÜV certificate come along with the package?

  • We deliver to a lot of countries worldwide and as the TÜV requirements vary from country to country our products are delivered without a TÜV Part Certificate of Conformity. The customer has to take care of the registration. The quality of the RaceChip® allows an individual TÜV approval for a Part Certificate of Conformity with no problems. Please consider that additional costs for an individual TÜV approval arise.